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How to pay lic premium online

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Many insurance companies including LIC offer you the facility to pay insurance premium online on internet along with other services such as online revival quote, bonus information, policy status, premium paid statement etc. Actually, some banks like ICICI, HDFC, HSBC Citibank etc and many other banks have innovative and amazing personal finance tools with their net banking. They make it possible for their customers to pay their bills and insurance premium payment faster, monitor exactly where their cash is spent, and keep track of their accounts.

Due to the fact a lot of of bill paying services are totally free; a great number of customers are enrolling. Most banks use online bill payment service. This internet banking support company allows consumers to pay paper bills, electricity bill and policy premium payment online at their convenience. When you use your bank’s online bill payment service, you’re going to be paying out bills in an electronic format any time possible.

Purchases on the internet and credit card payments are probably one of several fastest and most hassle-free ways to buy nearly anything and pay your credit card bills, electricity bills, insurance premium payment on the web. Credit cards all adhere to a precise set of guidelines and rules all over the world. The numbers differ, but many of the rules and guidelines are quite identical. You are making a purchase, charge it to the credit card, and after that pay the minimal amount of money due each and every month. This is the way domestic bank credit card payments function. All you have to do is locate a bank that facilitates online purchases and bill payments and provides you with regular information regarding your bank account and balances by the end of the day.

Net banking & Credit cards are risk-free and more reliable than taking cash all around and provide you with the freedom of global money that you may use for your day-to-day expenses and buying. Household bank payments can also be made via the postal service or over the phone. However, these steps require that you make sure you have all the paperwork ready beforehand to avoid unnecessary delays. Once that is done, you will be provided with a case and confirmation number that you will need to keep handy the next time around. These numbers help the representatives pull up your records and get the necessary information that way. Saves you from the hassle of keeping your credit card statements, routine numbers, and other banking information with you.

You can make LIC Premium payment over the web this way, however, making payment on the net is faster and simpler as you can keep track of your payments, bonuses, policy status and even pay your premium within minutes this way. On the other hand, the easiest method to pay your premium is online because it helps you to save you from much hassle, and is a lot quicker. You can find more details on lic official website.

For all those who may have found premium pay on the internet, the concept of writing checks and addressing envelope got a complete better. Online pay makes it possible for users to handle their insurance payments without having the problems of shuffling document and fixing postage stamps. Additionally it is a safe way to deal with finances on the web from home.

To get started on, it is really essential to find out the kind of online bill pay an individual will use. Alternatives consist of utilizing the online bill payment service made available through a bank, a service provider i.e. LIC , or a bill pay service like BillDesk.

Online Bank Service
Lots of banks now offer online bill payment solutions via their web sites. In cases like this, the service pays bills and insurance premium from a personal savings or checking account. According to the setup at the biller’s end, the bank may print and mail a cheque or transfer money in electronic format via the service.

Normally, to set up this type of service all that is required is LIC policy number and premium amount. A person need to point out the name of the insurance company i.e. LIC Of India, at the bank’s net banking website. Every month or time that the premium is due, the user just enters the amount due and the bank manages the rest. The funds will then be withdrawn from the customer’s bank account.

When initial starting bill pay, verify with every company pertaining to their needs for getting payments via the Internet. More guidelines may have to be observed for a company to get premium payment.

Direct pay on LIC website
Customers who decide on to pay their premium on the internet right to a insurer website are only in the position to pay one company i.e. LIC. In case of multiple insurance company premium payment, this option also needs the customer to go to each insurance provider’s website to where premium payments will be made. Major insurance companies generally offer the ability to pay premium online directly on their website.

At every website, a customer will create a username and password and enter private details such as name and e-mail address, DOB, policy details etc. As soon as signed up at the site, a user will likely be able to gain access to premium statements and policy information. On some insurance company web sites customers have the choice of creating regular month-to-month payments. Some others need the policyholder to go to the site per month to make a transaction online. It is really essential to pay premium within grace period and a few days before the end of grace period as payments can take some days to process.

Online premium payment third party Service
For the greatest comfort in premium payment, some online bill pay service providers charges month to month price to deal with a complete group of bills and insurance payments. This particular service may be suitable for all those who travel frequently and have a good handle on their funds. For people who dislike tracking payment due dates and paying late charges, a bill pay service could possibly be the solution to more flexibility, instead of being restricted to a computer to pay bills and premium payment.

As with any financial transaction on the internet, look into the protection provided at every website. Account numbers and security passwords are very sensitive information that needs to be managed with the highest safety. When looking into the safety of a web page, look for a website’s URL that will read “https” rather than “http”. Also, check out the locked padlock icon at the bottom part of a protected web-site page. This signifies the page is protected and secure for submitting sensitive data.